Hello World! (take 2)

The longer one leaves off writing a blog, the harder it is to come back to it. (I’ve noticed everything seems to sound more profound and insightful when one writes ‘one’ instead of ‘you’. It’s kind of addictive, but it does leave you overly convinced of your own importance…)

I had to leave this blog dormant for a time due to work commitments as a writer. Anything I wrote or any photos I took while employed there which could have been reasonably published for their readership was contractually considered company property, whether done during work hours or not. Since it was a general newspaper, the scope was quite broad and I was a little worried that some of the stuff I wanted to write could have been considered opinion piece material. By late 2017 I was free to take blogging up again but didn’t know how to begin again. Just picking up where you left off and pretending you  were never away rings sort of false to me.

Anyhow, I would like to start posting at least once a month again, about whatever comes into my head.

So, ah, yes. Hello, all, I’m back. Welcome.

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