I’m Not Just Looking at Science’s Butt

Somebody posted this Cyanide and Happiness comic in an atheist/agnostic facebook group I frequent. I took objection.

science's buttIn my view, green shirt’s just being elitist. Let me explain with something I know lots about.

If Green Shirt enjoys, say, Pink Floyd and Beethoven, and LOVES music cause he thinks it’s the food of the soul, but has never done the tedious work of studying music theory, getting good at lyrics, chords, scales and inversions, and practiced his damn guitar/violin/timpani till he’s really worked up his fingertip calluses, does that mean he’s just looking at music’s butt? I’d guess not.

You can enjoy the results of something without dedicating all your time to it. You can still be in awe of the people who do study it, and make discoveries, or great music. You can still be in awe of the new discoveries made by scientists every day and have it strike something in you personally without actually being a scientist. A lot of that shit has kept everyone from dying at various points in our lives; who wouldn’t love science for that?

Finally, who is Green Shirt to make this complaint? Lavender Guy is the one who actually mentioned the cool fact in the first place. Green Shirt actually hasn’t shown his knowledge of anything, and is just trying to be obnoxious and dampen another’s enthusiasm unfairly, without adding anything to the conversation.

I rather dislike this particular comic. Partly because it’s unfair to people who like things, but mostly cause Green Shirt is a dick.

(I’ll admit my bias: if we’re not talking about music, I’m closer to Lavender Guy than ol’ Greenie.)



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